About Mary Pitman

Mary Pitman is an award-winning journalist, author and speaker who believes no one should have to pay a ransom to get their own money. She has appeared on America’s Money Class with Suze Orman, Good Morning America, and has done countless radio interviews. She founded National Find Your Missing Money Day to get the word […]

Little Book of Missing Money

How much money are you (yes, YOU!) missing that you don’t even realize? If you don’t search for it exactly the way it’s listed you may never find it. There are dozens of ways to search and many places to find your money besides the state unclaimed property sites. Missing money can be a savings […]

Missing Money Fun Facts

Nationwide, there are $33 billion dollars waiting for the rightful owners to claim. NY has 1/3 of all the missing money with $11 billion. There is no time limit to claim your money among the states except for Indiana that keeps your money after 25 years and Idaho that keeps it after only 10 years. […]